Advertising campaign for LUSH

Personal project for the bath and cosmetics brand LUSH. As a fan of the brand, I had always admired its branding, its striking colors and its fun and daring campaigns. I decided to make 2 posters highlighting 2 of the most important brand philosophies: Handmade with love Ethical shopping I prepared this inspiration board, with […]

Mural for Madrid Urban Fest

Mural illustration for Madrid Urban Fest. Urban Fest is a meeting of emerging urban culture, where you can watch live music performances whilst visual artists create live murals. Their 2022 edition features the presence of female artists; women who, “through their music, reclaim the right to control their bodies and emotions”. Madrid Urban Fest has […]

To create those posters, different elements that evoke the fair are used:

A self initiated mural design inspired by the words ‘CREA’ (“create” in english). I wanted to test the possibilities of illustrating a single word by superimposing letters and elements. I began with the 4 letters at a considerable thickness to be able to add enough illustration within the letters themselves. In addition, in this case […]


Personal project for the #votaporfavor awareness campaign.     Animation created with Procreate:

Mural for Miller&Marc

  Optician’s Miller&Marc asked me to work on an illustration to decorate the window of one of their shops with the phrase “GREEN FRIDAY” and the message “Black friday destroys the planet”.   I started with several sketches, and they finally settled on the option where the planet […]

Mural “Don’t forget where you come from”.

In the garden of my house in the village there were 2 white walls, which I decided to intervene and make 2 murals as a tribute to my grandparents (the first inhabitants of this house), and to my family and childhood in general.   MURAL 1 Making of:   Here is the explanation of the […]