Editorial Illustration for Lifestyle Magazine

I created a series of editorial illustrations for an article related to therapy and mental health, previously published in Cosmopolitan.

Illustrations need to represent key words, ideas or opinions arising from the article in question.

I picked out a few key phrases within the article as a basis for the illustrations: SELF CARE ROUTINE and MINDFULNESS.

  1. Self care routine

For this piece I used a combination of elements including: arms/hands to emulate a hug and the concept of humanity.

To the spaces that emerged from these “hugs”, I fitted the words “SELF CARE ROUTINE” in 3 beats.

In addition, I added different floral symbols, and eyes to emphasise the importance of observing ourselves internally. Finally, other simple elements (such as stars and circles) complete the composition.

  1. Mindfulness

In this case, the intention was to create a piece connected to the previous one, but in which the elements were distributed differently.

For this, I used the whole format to fill in with the letters of MINDFULNESS (divided into 3 parts), and around this, elements similar to those of the previous piece emerged, to which more floral elements were added for that feeling of wellbeing and connection with oneself.

Color palette:

Magazine application (mock up):