London Music Festival

Advertising campaign for the London Music Festival

Self initiated branding and communication project for London Music Festival – a made-up festival.

Rather than wait to be commissioned for my dream project I decided to invent a client; London Music Festival, and create a body of work around a fictional festival.

Taking inspiration from music, for this project I combined the superimposition of letters and simple elements and repetition of lines to represent the musical strings.

I applied these elements inside the letters themselves, forming a kind of banjo (in the “O” of London) or filling spaces in the composition in an organic way and shapes (wavy evoking sound waves, curved or straight).

Creating a bold brand identity was the main focus, before rolling this out onto posters, billboards and festival passes.

Selected color palette:

Final result:

  1. Large format posters (mock up)

I then rolled out the design onto billboards, taking inspiration from festival branding and advertising to create a campaign featuring well known musicians on the line-up.

  1. Billboard (mock up):

Each band features individual details that ensure they are distinctive and visually different from each other.

The same illustrated icons and elements used in the main poster (stars, circles, lines, waves), are arranged in this case in the corners of the design, to give full prominence to the bands.

In addition, in this piece I only used the initials of “LMF” (taken from the main poster), to create the idea of a simplified logo.

  1. Brochure (mock up)

Same concept and graphic style applied in a different format.

  1. Accreditation (mock up)

As a final piece, I made accreditation cards for the event’s staff.