Customised Denim Jacket

Customised Denim Jacket

Inspired by the idea of customising an object or item of clothing, I sourced a second hand denim jacket and created a one-off design.

I combined letters and small symbols in equal measure. I wanted all the elements to be at the same distance from each other to create balanced pattern.

The illustrated elements I chose were a combination of arms/hands (as a symbol of struggle); eyes to symbolise the recent awareness and visibility of the movement; flames/fire to represent women’s empowerment, and finally Female Sign emoji. Flowers, circles, stars and other motifs complete the composition.

Selected color palette:

Before personalising by hand, I prepared the illustration digitally:

Happy with the final illustration I then transferred it onto the denim jacket. Check it out below!

Used materials:

  • Waterbased acrylic paint for textile (Vallejo)
  • brushes
  • POSCA (acrylic pens)