San Isidro * Madrid


Typographic poster design for the San Isidro fair of Madrid

3 versions with different background, elements and composition

The following elements that evoke the fair are used to create these posters:

  • 3 “Madrid” per poster, to relate it to the famous chotis by Agustín Lara (you can see it animated and with sound here).
  • Carnations
  • Fair flags
  • Hands symbolising welcome and hospitality
  • The typical “barquillero” wheel
  • Suns and clouds for the sky of Madrid
  • Moons for the nights of the fair
  • Roofs
  • Birds of different shapes to symbolise happiness, merriment and festivity


Editorial development

Based on this poster, the layout of a magazine article dedicated to this celebration was produced.

For the design of the magazine’s interiors, illustrated elements taken from the poster, the different typographies of “Madrid” and black and white images of the city in fiesta are used.


¡Happy San Isidro! 🙂