Advertising Campaign – Mayor of Madrid

This personal project arose from the need to create a series of pieces related to social causes which personally resonate with me.

I focused on designing a series of posters for a fictional advertising campaign to raise awareness of key issues – with the idea that they could be displayed on the streets of my home city.

These pieces could be the subject of an awareness-raising advertising campaign that could be seen on the streets of any city.

From this idea came a set of pieces with the following messages:

  • Madrid united against homophobia
  • Madrid united against machismo
  • Madrid united against racism

First sketches:

The idea is that it should have a line that is clearly identified as a joint work, but each piece should be independent (in terms of composition and colour palette).

Interchanging elements such as: birds (symbols of peace and freedom), arms / hands as a sign of struggle, rainbow (symbol of freedom and LGTBIQ+ pride) featured throughout each poster; to which simple elements already recurrent in my work (stars, circles, floral elements) were added.

The messages also make up the composition in different ways, although the words MADRID and HOMOPHOBIA / SEXISM / RACISM occupy the same location in all 3 designs to form a cohesive set.

Color palette:

Once the black and white designs were finalised I moved onto colour and refined a colour palette that would be rolled out across all three posters. I tried both a white and coloured background approach:

White background:

Coloured background:

Bus shelter poster (mock up)

Pushing the concept further, the idea emerged to apply the designs to double flag banners that could be installed in cultural venues or outdoor venue within the city, and for this I developed a series of patterns to compliment each message:

Flags (mock up):