*SPRINGFEST* visual identity

Proyecto de identidad visual y campaña de comunicación online y offline para el ‘Festival Sonorama’ (proyecto personal).

Typographic design made for each of the participating bands. The shapes of those letters were then used to create the visual identity of the festival.

Comunicación online y offline combinando diseño tipográfico y fotografía de los diferentes grupos.

Those pieces can be used on banners, badges, posters, brochures, postcards and other stationery:

Cartelería de comunicación por grupos:

Version 1: Typographic logo of the band on a corporate-coloured background.

Version 2: Black and white band image. Minor typographic logo in the form of a stamp.


Cartelería genérica:





Identity application in social media (instagram template):


Application in other merchandising products (stickers + access wristbands):


Use of music band “logos” for video editing: